Best Trivia Questions For Teenagers

Trivia night is an excellent concept for maintaining your children, especially teenagers, captivated. However must be in addition to pop society sources, motion pictures, series, comics, and songs they tune in to. To help you, check out trivia concerns for teenagers that one could used to your own advantage. You could have rounds that beginning simple to get increasingly tougher. Each time they lose a trivia question, they need to do a chore. But whenever they victory the game, they get a unique reward – anything they really want. It would be enjoyable to suit your kids, and it also creates a great family members connecting knowledge! Scroll down to see these 100 trivia concerns to get you started.

Most Readily Useful Trivia Questions For Teens

Questions About Technology

1. What is the rarest blood-type?

A: AB bad

2. “for action, discover the same and other reaction.” Which of Newton’s Laws claims this?

A: The third law of movement

3. What amount of hearts does a worm have?

A: 5

4. label the tallest form of turf.

A: Bamboo

5. exactly how many limbs perform sharks have?

A: Zero

6. What is the measurement (and that’s more or less six feet) always assess the depth of water?

A: Fathom

7. the basic organism to grow right back after a fire?

A: Moss

8. just how much weight can an ant lift?

A: 50 instances its very own fat

9. while in groups, this forest animal is referred to as an ambush. What type of animal so is this?

A: Tiger

10. A typical person takes what amount of breaths in one day?

A: 23,000

Questions About Sporting

11. Which sport uses a solid wood basketball and mallet?

A: Croquet

12. what’s the diameter of a basketball hoop?

A: 18 inches

13. Which sport has a pommel pony?

A: Gymnastics

14. the only sport to own already been played in the moon?

A: Golf

15: One country features starred in every single business Cup. Which one?

A: Brazil

16. ladies had been allowed to compete for the modern-day Olympic Games wherein 12 months and exactly what sport?

A: 1900, Tennis

17. What number of feathers exist in a shuttlecock?

A: 16

18. label Canada’s nationwide recreation.

A: Lacrosse

19. The number of participants are there in an ice hockey staff?

A: Six on every side

20. How old had been Tiger Woods when he obtained the Masters?

A: 21

Question About Movies

21. Which was 1st feature-length animated film actually circulated?


Snow White and also the Seven Dwarfs

22. Charlie Chaplin insured which element of their human anatomy?

A: their foot

23. Which 1954 film acquired eight Oscars?


Regarding Waterfront

24. label the concoction that grants best of luck in

Harry Potter

additionally the

Half Blood Prince


A: Felix Felicis

25. Which tablet does Neo consume

The Matrix

– the yellow medicine and/or bluish pill?

A: The reddish tablet

26. In

Jurassic Park

, which played the playground proprietor, John Hammond?

A: Richard Attenborough

27. Julie Andrews claimed the Academy Award for ideal Actress for which 1964 musical success?


Mary Poppins

28. In

Discovering Nemo

, what sort of fish is actually Dory?

A: Blue Tang fish

29. ‘i’m the requirement – the necessity for speed.’ Which aviators notoriously mentioned these terms, plus in which motion picture?

A: Maverick and Goose in

Leading Gun

30. Which 1942’s finest photo winner had been adapted from phase play

Everybody Pertains To Rick’s




Stylecraze States

You can easily pose a question to your teens to dress up in halloween costumes, reveal videos, and perform flick soundtracks to make cinema trivia more fun!

Questions About Publications

31. Which fictional character from a timeless work of fiction was born on September 22, 1290?

A: Hobbit Bilbo Baggins

32. Which developed Pinocchio?

A: Carlo Collodi

33. That is the author of Gremlins?

A: Roald Dahl

34. What is the name of Long John Silver’s parrot in

The Treasure Isle


A: Captain Flint

35. Which author-created Brer Rabbit?

A: Joel Chandler Harris

36. Who’s mcdougal of

The Graveyard

, the 2009 Newbery award-winning publication?

A: Neil Gaiman

37. Which animal really does Alice you will need to play croquet within

Alice’s Adventures

in Wonderland?

A: A flamingo

38. Inside the

Brand-new Moon

, Cullens says to everyone they have been moving to which town?

A: L. A.

39. Exactly who developed Tarzan in 1914?

A: Edgar Rice Burroughs

40. What’s the first-name of Mr. Pickwick in

The Pickwick Papers

by Charles Dickens?

A: Samuel

Questions Relating To Nations

41. the many densely inhabited country in Latin America?

A: Haiti

42. The entire world’s tallest building is in which country?

A: Dubai (Burj Khalifa)

43. The second-largest nation worldwide?

A: Canada

44. Which nation is called the Pearl with the Orient?

A: Hong-kong

45. identify the ocean between unique Zealand and Australia.

A: The Tasman Sea

46. Just what natural surprise worldwide is known as after aviator Jimmy Angel?

A: Angel Falls

47. Which nations show the longest line in the arena?

A: Canada and also the usa

48. identify the largest volcano around.

A: Hawaii’s Mauna Loa

49. Which state did the US purchase from Russia?

A: Alaska

50. The just nation by which both Tropic of Capricorn as well as the Equator pass?

A: Brazil

Questions Relating To Music

51. identify the Greek God of songs.

A: Apollo

52. Which country really does the rock-band AC/DC actually derive from?

A: Australian Continent

53. Which well-known artist is actually Godmother to Elton John’s two sons?

A: Woman Gaga

54. Which pop music party was created by brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb into the late 1950s?

A: The Bee Gees

55. Which popular wedding ring was previously known as the brand-new Yardbirds?

A: Led Zeppelin

56. Which pop performer is recognized as “the information presented Girl”?

A: Madonna

57. Which member of the Beatles had dyslexia?

A: John Lennon

58. How come sixth February a nationwide vacation in Jamaica?

A: Its Bob Marley’s birthday.

59. Which pop vocalist’s actual name’s Robyn Fenty?

A: Rihanna

60. who was simply Queen’s lead guitarist?

A: Brian Harold May

Questions Relating To Background

61. What’s the Roman title when it comes down to Goddess Hecate?

A: Trivia

62. For which 12 months performed Germany occupy Poland?

A: 1939

63. Who was 1st president on the US to reside the White residence?

A: Chairman John Adams

64. identify initial country to utilize postcards.

A: Australian Continent

65. Wherein year had been 1st all-electronic television demonstrated by Philo T. Farnsworth?

A: 1927

66. Whereby year did Christopher Columbus find the “New World”?

A: 1492

67. Wherein year performed the Titanic sink?

A: 1912

68. New York City was actually at first identified in which Dutch title?

A: Nieuw Amstredam

69. Which Filipino was known as the Iron Butterfly?

A: Imelda Marcos

70. Where was actually Napoleon Bonaparte born?

A: Corsica, France

Questions Relating To The Arts

71. What’s the painting La Gioconda normally acknowledged?

A: The Mona Lisa

72. Which popular artist was also a designer, a professional, and a sculptor?

A: Leonardo Da Vinci

73. Claude Monet is most well-known for their mural art which flower?

A: Water Lilies

74. Which art duration’s French title means “rebirth” whenever translated to English?

A: Renaissance

75. Who had been initial living individual have their particular artwork exhibited during the Louvre?

A: Georges Braque

76. Wherein area performed Vincent Van Gogh paint the well-known “Starry evening”?

A: Through the window of his asylum area at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

77. Which singer is known for Pop Art?

A: Andy Warhol

78. Which is the sole piece of artwork that Michelangelo features closed?

A: The Pieta

79. Which ancient Greek sculpture was found from the island of Milos in 1820?

A: The Venus de Milo

80. That art motion was actually Salvador Dali associated?

A: Surrealism

Questions About Food

81. What’s the world-record for the most wide range of hotdogs consumed in one single relaxing?

A: 74

82. Which is the most high-priced spice in the world by body weight?

A: Saffron

83. Which good fresh fruit consists of an enzyme that aids digestion and in addition helps tenderize animal meat?

A: Papaya

84. Something sushi traditionally wrapped in?

A: Edible seaweed

85. Which Mexican Foods Provides A Name Which Means “Minimal Donkey”?

A: Burrito

86. What is the usual name for Allium sativum?

A: Garlic

87. What are the two top-selling spices on the planet?

A: Pepper and mustard

88. Which has a lot more sugar – an orange or a strawberry?

A: A lemon

89. So what does the Italian phase “Al Dente” imply with regard to spaghetti?

A: With The teeth

90. Which additives feature skin and bones of animals?

A: Gelatin

Stylecraze States

You can easily select a design for all the meals before writing out the questions you have or give fully out certain foods to your youngsters and inquire all of them trivia questions linked to them.

Random Trivia Issues

91. What did the ancient Romans used to dye their head of hair?

A: Bird poop

92. Exactly what were the most important hockey pucks included in very early backyard hockey video games made of?

A: Frozen cow dung

93. Just how long does the cicada live below ground?

A: 17 decades

94. At what temperature really does rain turn-to snow?

A: 32 levels F

95. What is the color of a giraffe’s tongue?

A: Dark

96. The shallowest water around?

A: The Arctic Ocean

97. Just what place is called the “happiest place in globally”?

A: Disney Globe

98. the number of evenings is Hanukkah commemorated?

A: Eight

99. just how many noses really does a-slug have?

A: Four

100. What is the quickest aquatic pet?

A: The sailfish

Playing a game title of trivia is a superb way to spend some high quality family time. Ensure you understand your own young adults’ interests so that you can include some questions that grab their interest. Pick from our very own variety of 100 trivia questions for teenagers as we contain it all covered.

Infographic: Why Should You Ask Trivia Questions To Teens?

Trivia questions have more to provide than just enjoyable. Yes, these include an outstanding pastime, nevertheless could well be astonished to know how they may boost personality and brain development in youngsters. Learn everything about the countless great things about trivia questions from inside the infographic below:

Example: StyleCraze Design Professionals

Fun video games are best connection workouts for adolescents, and what maybe more interesting than some intriguing and tough trivia concerns. They assist draw the main focus for the teen team, make them into the aggressive heart, and luxuriate in every little win. Furthermore? The kids find some valuable nuggets of information without participating in tiresome research periods. For instance, the questions throughout the range feathers in a shuttlecock or the designers of renowned figures are an enriching addition to their expertise pool.


How can you play the Friends trivia online game?

The Friends trivia game is actually a board game centered on a favorite sitcom. You have to answer trivia questions correctly a specific amount of instances on the basis of the apartment places you occupy to move to “Central Perk”. As soon as here, you will get the ability to win the video game.

How can you make a virtual trivia video game?

You possibly can make a virtual trivia video game on a system like a Zoom makes it possible for movie conferencing. You will need to designate a quiz master and a scorer. The next thing should be to develop teams. The scorer could keep the rating as the test master quizzes the groups. The team with correct answers/points victory the digital trivia game.

Key Takeaways

  • Quizzing your kid with trivia questions is actually a great option to connection with them.
  • Advantage all of them whenever they have a solution right, and provide all of them a chore if they’re incorrect.
  • These questions cover many subject areas, including technology, arts, guides, and flicks.

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